Selling The Kids

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Romans 7:14
For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am made out of flesh, sold into sin’s power.

There are many things that happened with our first parents in the garden. A transaction took place where they sold their future unborn children (that’s us) into slavery; slavery to a master named Sin. How did they do this? By choosing to trust the law breaker and not the law giver.

Can you and I break this pattern of selling our children into slavery like our first parents? A couple of things come to mind.

One, we must remember that when we are making the simple day to day decisions, we are making eternal decisions for the generations that are coming behind us. When we choose to obey the master of sin over the master of Righteousness, we are actually bringing our children out of one camp and into another.

Two, they must be purchased by another. They must be born anew by the Spirit of God. “For you were bought with a price.” When they are purchased by the blood of Jesus, they are given a new Master.

Thirdly, they must be instructed in the law. The text tells us that the law is spiritual. “The law is the schoolmaster that leads our children to Christ so that they might be justified by faith.”

You and I are made out of flesh, but we don’t have to sell our children into slavery like our first parents did.

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