11-12-13 iAssistance To Reformed Creeds And Comfessions

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In the last post I told you that we were going to be plodding through the Westminster Shorter Catechism as a family. If you have some sort of i device, I am going to link to two apps (one free and one for a buck) that you can download if you choose.

The first is called Christian Creeds & Reformed Confessions. It is free and works well assuming you have an active internet connection. The other is called iReformed and can be used without any internet connection at all. This is the one I am currently using because it has all the reference Scriptures already contained in the app.

Enjoy the truth passed down to us from our reformed fathers in the faith. Remember that we are called to pass down the truth to the younger generations. This starts with fathers instructing their children at home.

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