10-11-13 The Sweet Discipline Of Jesus

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Revelation 3:19
“Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.”
-Jesus Christ

How does Jesus discipline those whom he loves? I asked that question once at a family integrated conference during a q and a session. The answer was through a million different situations and circumstances. The one which I would like to focus on today is that Jesus disciplines us through his written word.

In Revelation chapter 3, Jesus is rebuking an entire church by speaking words to them. The Holy Spirit then works through the written word to convict the Christian of some sin in which Jesus wants removed from his beloved brethren. Have you ever read the Bible and it seems lifeless and void of any conviction? Likewise, have you read the Bible and everywhere you turn it is constantly rebuking you for some sin which you know you have been holding on to for much too long? This is how Jesus rebukes those whom he loves.

This also presumes that those whom Jesus loves will be reading his words in the scriptures. Do you feel distant and removed from fellowship with the Lord? Then today is the day my friend when you most need to open up the words of Jesus and listen to his sweet reproofs. He does not reprove those whom he hates, but those whom he loves, he desires that they repent with all zeal.

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