10-5-13 The Pastor Must Not Be A NewBee

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1 Timothy 3:6

“He must not be a recent convert, or he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil.”

We are on our second to the last qualification for the pastor; he must not be a new believer. God instructs us that position can produce pride in the individual holding that position, and time tends to lessen the risk. I have heard many people make assumptions about the position of the devil. Some have said that he was chief musician of heaven before he fell. Whatever position he had, he was newly appointed and it caused him to fall into condemnation, resulting also in him leading the entirety of the human race to become depraved. What a power position can hold in the heart of both angel and human. It is kind and loving of our Lord to make this requirement of the pastor. He does not want his church to be lead by a proud and conceited man with a microphone. And he does not want the new christian to suffer the same fate as the devil.

In application, I also think that this same qualification should be upon every leader in the church of Jesus Christ. Especially a position like worship leader. When I was a new christian we attended a church that had a pretty vibrant worship style. I was asked to sing on the worship team which I chose to do. I struggled so very much singing and holding a microphone in this context. I remember trying so hard to not think about myself while I was up there but only to think of Jesus whom I was suppose to be singing to. It was so hard! Then after each service people would come up to me and complement me for this and that. It was such a struggle against becoming puffed up with conceit. The Lord did not want me to fall into the condemnation of the devil so he did a work in my heart which lead me to step down and ultimately move my family in a different direction. I look back to that time and believe I was sincerely desiring to worship Jesus but because of my recent conversion, I was unable to hold that position.
“Recent” may not only be years, but maturity as well. People grow in their christian walk at different rates and it takes wisdom in the leadership of the church to appoint only those men who have reached a state of true humility which knows that apart of Jesus Christ we can do nothing!

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