10-4-13 A Pastor Must Manage His Household Well

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1 Timothy 3:4-5

“He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?”
A man’s church will eventually look like the man’s house. He will not be able to manage his church any better than he can manage his household. The two places of worship are interconnected. The point is that if the pastor is not able to manage a family of (say for example) six, how will he be able to manage a church family of (for example) one-hundred fifty? He won’t be able to, at least not in the way in which God expects all husbands and fathers to care for their families. Notice how it is that the pastor is to manage his family; it is “carefully,” he is to “care” for his family. 
If you are a reader of this devotional blog and you are a man, do you care about your family? I mean do you care about all of the little things that happen in the lives of your little ones? Do you care about all of the things that happen in the life of your dear wife? If so, how do you? Do you listen? Do you spend time with them? Do you share wise council with them? Do you protect them? Do you pray for them? Do you provide for them? Do you ensure they have necessary things, including yourself being a thing that is necessary for them? Do they have you, because all of the things I listed above require you to be with them except the requirement to provide for them. The man of God is to work to provide for the needs of his family, yet he is not to stay away caring for his business more then he cares for his family business. The pastor is to manage his household well first before he is qualified to manage the church of God. 
Another aspect of management is submissiveness. Children, wives, and dads have equal standing in God’s eyes. Yet they do not have equal authority. This is not sexist or racist, it is just the way in which God has ordered his creation. It is good for the children of pastors to know that if ever they step away from the gospel and live in rebellion to their fathers; their father will need to step down from his position as pastor. I know that this can be a heavy weight over the children, but it is a good weight to bear. There are not only eternal consequences to walking away from Christ, but temperal ones as well. Remember our text starts out by telling us that one of the qualifications of a pastor is that he “must” manage his own household well. He must, for God qualifies a man by how he lives both inside and outside the church. God cares! 

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