9-28-13 A Pastor Must Be Sober-Minded

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1 Timothy 3:2 Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded…

I have been sober-minded (for the most part) since 1993. There was a one year span of time in there where I did drink in moderation, and funny as this may sound it was after I became a Christian. My wife and I both wanted to see if I was still a slave to alcohol and so decided to drink wine together and the occasional beer. I did find that I was no longer powerless over it, but decided that the best way to honor the Lord was if both my wife and I quit together.

This actual greek word is only used three times in our bibles. It does have the idea of a sound, clear thinking mind; one that is free from foolishness. But it mostly speaks of a mind that is not under the effects in which alcohol produces in the mind. I do not think that it is a sin to drink because I see that people like Boaz drank wine to make their heart merry. I do however not understand how a Pastor can maintain their position if they are not sober-minded. Let alone speak of drinking alcohol from the pulpit which could so easily cause weaker brothers and sisters in the congregation to stumble because of past addictions.

The word “must” in our text is going to transcend all of the other qualifications. So our text would read “Therefore an overseer must be … sober-minded; he must be to maintain this position in which he stands in the gap between God and man.

How is this relevant to our lives? I mentioned before that though these qualification are specifically for the Pastor, they are how Jesus desires all of his children to conduct themselves on earth while he is away. Drunkenness is a sin and we are warned that no drunkard will enter the kingdom of heaven. The line between a moderate drinker and a drunkard is a fine one, and may be very hard to see if your vision is blurred because of that third glass of wine.

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