7.29.13 — #132 Our Weekly Memory Verse

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Memory Verse #132 — 1 Corinthians 1:18

For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. –1 Corinthians 1:18

Pretend for a minute that you were on a large ship that was heading across the ocean. In the middle of nowhere, the hull of the ship broke apart and the ship sunk. You and nine other people were able to get to a lifeboat and are now floating aimlessly. After you and your companions calm down some you look around for the instruction manual for the lifeboat. You come across a manual that tells you that there is a flare gun in a compartment at the front. It also tells you that if you point it strait overhead, a rescue will happen. You discuss this with the other nine passengers. Three of the other passengers agree with you that you should do this as soon as possible. The other six think that you should save the flare until you can visibly see another ship or a plane that could actually help. You read the instruction manual again out loud and very carefully. It reads, “you will surly be saved if you point this flare gun directly overhead and pull the trigger.”

This message to the six passengers is foolishness. How could you be saved by simply believing the message and shooting off the flare while nobody is watching. But to those who believe the inscription in the manual, it contains the power for them to be saved.

We find ourselves on this earth in one sense stranded on a life boat. We have come across a book called the Bible. It tells us of a message regarding the cross of Jesus Christ. It tells us that if we place our trust in Jesus to rescue us in this current condition we find ourselves in, we will be saved. And placing our faith in this message of truth, it will be the power of God. But to those who need to see a plane or another ship in the vicinity, the message of the cross will be foolishness.

What is the message of the cross to you, the power of God or foolishness?

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